Kitchen Nightmares

The slovak version of Gordon Ramsay's reality franchise. Premiered on Tv Markiza.

The Farm

The extreme reality franchise Farma on Tv Markiza. Three series - was tough! (Post-Production)

Biggest Loser

Another "loosing weight" franchise on Tv Markiza (Post-Production/Music Supervision)

Extreme Weight Loss

The show hosted Chris Powell on Tv Markiza. Awarded as The Show of the Year 2018 (Post-Production/Music Supervision)

Utajený šéf

The Undercover Boss premiered on Tv Markiza (Post-Production/Music Supervision)


Short horror film. Watch your steps! (Director/Editor/Photography)

Thank You Michael Jackson

The biggest tribute show in Europe with two live perfomances in Bratislava. Over a 100 artists, 10k+ attendants, singers, dancers, actors, live band, gospel & children choir (Producer/Creative producer)

Love Island

The hottest Czech & Slovak franchise filmed on Gran Canaria premiered on TV Nova & Tv Markiza. (Post-Production)


Pilot. Secret cameras watching a senior couple on the streets (Producer/Director)

Got Talent

The most successful talent show in history of television with 10 years in primetime! (Post-Production/Trailer Producer)

The Experts

Docu-soap reality comedy series on TV JOJ about gypsies moving to a big town and doing crazy businesses (Director/Co-Creator/Scriptwriter)