Extreme Weight Loss

The show hosted Chris Powell on Tv Markiza. Awarded as The Show of the Year 2018 (Post-Production/Music Supervision)

Biggest Loser

Another "loosing weight" franchise on Tv Markiza (Post-Production/Music Supervision)

Undercover boss

The Undercover Boss premiered on Tv Markiza (Post-Production/Music Supervision)

The Experts

Docu-soap reality comedy series on TV JOJ about gypsies moving to a big town and doing crazy businesses (Director/Co-Creator/Scriptwriter)


Pilot. Secret cameras watching a senior couple on the streets (Producer/Director)

The Farm

The extreme reality franchise Farma on Tv Markiza. Three series - was tough! (Post-Production)


Short horror film. Watch your steps! (Director/Editor/Photography)

Thank You Michael Jackson

The biggest tribute show in Europe with two live perfomances in Bratislava. Over a 100 artists, 10k+ attendants, singers, dancers, actors, live band, gospel & children choir (Producer/Creative producer)

Love Island

The hottest Czech & Slovak franchise filmed on Gran Canaria premiered on TV Nova & Tv Markiza. (Post-Production)

Kitchen Nightmares

The slovak version of Gordon Ramsay's reality show. Premiered on Tv Markiza.

Got Talent

The most successful talent show in history of television with 10 years in primetime! (Post-Production/Trailer Producer)